Submitting a form with Mindspun may trigger a Zap, allowing you to create nearly any workflow.

Creating a Zap

Creating a Zap is an easy process and should only take you a few minutes.

Choose GhostStead as the Zapier trigger

In the Zapier dashboard, select GhostStead as a trigger:

GhostStead Zapier trigger

You'll be prompted to confirm additional information, but just click 'Continue' until your prompted to connect your GhostStead account.


You authorize Zapier to connect to your site through the use of an API key.

Enter GhostStead API key

Enter an API key and click 'Yes, Continue'l. The settings page link will take you directly to your GhostStead dashboard to get a key.

Best Practice: Generate a new API key for Zapier (or any individual integration).

After you test and continue, you're ready to automate your form submission by sending the entered data to any of Zapier's thousands of services and applications.

Additional topics

Use a formatter

Since your form can have as many fields as you wish, the data sent to Zapier from GhostStead consists of a list of values.  Many applications take just plain text - like an email body for instance - so Zapier needs to convert your form fields to displayable text.  This is where the Zapier formatter comes in.

Zapier formatter to convert fields to text

As with everything Zapier, there are numerous choices, but the above formatter utility generates text like:

name: Joe User
message: Hi there